Interior Designer


How the interior design process works. I take a step by step approach which applies to all projects in some capacity.


PROCESS - Having come from a very process driven role in advertising my experience has taught me that by applying this simple framework to each project gives clarity to all people involved.



Every project is different therefore it is super important to clearly understand the below before starting anything:

  • How will the space will be used

  • Who are the clients

  • What is currently not working

  • What is the space and how can we keep it’s integrity

  • Are there any special requirements

  • Is there any art, furniture, antiques that are to be included

  • What is the time frame

  • What is the budget



After having an in-depth conversation with the client that covers off all of the above I formulate a plan:

  • Propose a design fee based on work involved

  • Once this is approved I reach out to trusted and relevant tradespeople or contractors for quotes

  • Begin working up initial concepts for the space which includes the below:

    • Plans

    • Materials, Colours, Finishes

    • Paint, Furniture & Lighting Specifications

  • This is then presented to the client with detailed budget breakdowns for all elements



This is all about the implementation of the plan.

  • Sharing relevant plans and designs with carpenters, makers and tradespeople

  • Project management of contractors to ensure a smooth running

  • Procurement of all required items (kitchen carcass, sanitary ware, furniture, sofa furnishings etc)

  • Schedule deliveries of all items

  • Final styling of the space

  • Based on client approval I professionally photograph all projects for my website